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A video history of Jimmy Fallon’s rock star impersonations

Over the past 11 years Jimmy Fallon has impersonated everyone in music from Enrique Iglesias to Justin Bieber. We’ve compiled 17 videos of Jimmy doing impressions of musicians over the years. Be sure and check out the early White Stripes video, and of course his more recent Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison clips:

March 2001 – As Van Morrison on SNL

December 2001 – As Enrique Iglesias on SNL

2001 as Sting on SNL

August 2002 – As Eminem, Jack White, and Avril Lavigne, Dave Matthews, Nelly, and Enrique while hosting the VMAs

December 2003 – As John Mayer on SNL

February 2004 – As The White Stripes with Drew Barrymore

June 2009 – As Dave Matthews for a GPS system

November 2009 – As Neil Young singing the Fresh Prince theme

November 2010 – With Bruce Springsteen singing Whip My Hair

March 2011 – As Bob Dylan singing the Charles in Charge theme

November 2011 – As Justin Bieber:

November 2011 – As Jim Morrison singing the Reading Rainbow theme

December 2011 – As Sting and Justin Bieber with Michael Buble

January 2012 – As David Bowie (as Tebowie):February 2012 – As Eddie Vedder singing about Jeremy Lin

March 2012 – Tebowie returns

September 2012 – As James Taylor at the DNC