Watch previously unseen footage of Tupac Shakur - The Strut

Watch previously unseen footage of Tupac Shakur

tupacA documentary about the final days of 2Pac is being funded through Kickstarter. Filmmaker Gobi M. Rahimi recorded Pac’s finals days and now wishes to show a different side of the rapper in his film 7 Dayz:

You now have a chance to see what his life was like, through the eyes of his closest allies, those who lived and worked with him.

Tupac is revered by many music fans as an incredible artist, a dreamer and a poet, but did you know that:

● He was finalizing a three picture movie deal immediately before his death?

● He had already sent a resignation letter to Death Row Records at the time of his passing.

● Tupac’s “checkered” past is completely understandable when you know his life circumstances. Remember, There’s no saint without a past and no sinner without a future.

● Tupac was a true humanitarian, he truly made a difference in the lives of others around him. You will see this in the movie.

● He thought politicians were the biggest gangstas, and he had plans to go into politics, in order to clean it up, later in life.

● He was a strong supporter of charities such as A Place Called Home, a charity that caters to at risk youth.

● Pac was full of energy, full of life, and un-relenting. He had an incredible work ethic, as you will see in this film when you see never-before seen home movies of Pac in his natural environment.

● Pac wanted to share a candid view of his life with you, which is why he told me to grab my camera and record everything he did for the last few months of his life.

Here are some of Gobi’s previously unseen clips of Tupac recording, talking to groupies, goofing around during a video shoot and the trailer for the film:


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