Putting annoying DJ noises over slow rock jams is surprisingly amazing

cvsYou know those annoying air horns and DJ fills that shake the sand of the Jersey Shore? What if they were put over the slow rock classics that you hear while shopping at CVS? Thanks to DJ Hennessy Youngman we now know the hilarious results. Listen to volume one and two of CVS BANGERS below:

  • Nick Fellows

    This is mildly amusing for a while – but actually this smells of a clever method of driving traffic to his soundcloud page.

    its a bit like an anti-ambient. I put some noises from short wave numbers stations over one of my tracks. https://soundcloud.com/polyp/numbers_stations_of_neptune — see what i did there?

  • thisisterrible

    sounds like someone got Garage Band and made shit happen. This sounds terrible. The only reason why I would cry to this, is due to how terrible the added cues do not match up to the rhythm of the original songs. This is pure shit.