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That rap producer ‘here’s my beat’ dance

The first time a producer plays a new beat for a rapper is probably a bit nerve wracking. So how do you keep yourself calm and sell your beat at the same time? You need to bop your head, you need to furrow your brow, and you need to let the beat move you. Which producer do you think has the best one? Watch some big names in action below:

Dr. Dre drinking a mysterious pink jug of liquid and playing Jay-Z the beat for Dirt Off Your Shoulder:

Pharrell very confidently playing a new beat for Jay-Z:

Dr. Dre playing new beats for Snoop Dogg:

Skip to 2:10 to see Kanye having fun with his beats in the studio. Remember when he was just a talented young producer?

This is probably the greatest effort ever put into a ‘here’s my beat’ dance. Here’s DJ Khaled playing Out Here Grindin for Kanye:

And of course here is the recent Samsung ad featuring some head bops from Timbaland, Swizz Beats, Rick Rubin and Pharrell:

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