Beastie Boy Mike D created a runway soundtrack - The Strut

Beastie Boy Mike D created a runway soundtrack

mikedMike D of the Beastie Boys has created some new beats for a 10 minute soundtrack for Kenzo’s Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show. From and interview with Kenzo:

K: In which conditions was this soundtrack recorded?
M: Mostly at Oscilloscope laboratories, NYC.

K: Was it your first time at writing a soundtrack to a fashion show? How different is it from writing an album?
M: Yes, definitely a first, which made me want to do it. It was more like scoring a soundtrack for a movie, but without an actual film.

K: Lots of your tunes are perfect to dance to, but in a fashion show, models walk. What rules do you need to respect when you want to write the perfect music to walk to?
M: I think I am more comfortable being ignorant of rules.

Listen below:

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