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Brandy performed for 40 people in a 90,000 seat stadium

brandysouthafricaBrandy was the surprise closing act during the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day this past weekend in South Africa. The problem was that it was so much of a surprise that almost everyone in the 90,000 seat stadium left and they turned the stadium lights off. From Guardian:

“Brandy [just] performed to an empty stadium. With the stadium lights on,” tweeted an aghast South African musician, Kabomo. “People didn’t know there was a concert after the games. No one knew Brandy was around. Maybe a 40 people audience … She sulked after two songs and walked off.”


She was even abandoned on television: SABC, the country’s national TV channel, ended their broadcast of the concert before the singer came on stage.

Brandy hasn’t commented on the event, but her official website did put up the picture you see at the top of this post. Hey at least performing for 40 people is more than when she was just Sittin’ up in her room:

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