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Go to Bermuda with John Lennon thanks to a new app

In 1980 John Lennon sailed to Bermuda on a five day trip to clear his mind and unlock some of his creativity. Some of the songs he wrote ended up on Double Fantasy and a new app let’s you experience two parts of his trip. From NY Times:

The first, called “Play,” lets the user follow Lennon’s trip, which began on June 6, 1980 in Newport, R.I., when he sailed to Bermuda on the 43-foot sloop Megan Jaye with his son Sean, then 4, and a crew of three. During the trip, the crew encountered heavy weather, and Lennon said in interviews that for part of the journey, he sailed the boat on his own, singing sea-shanties all the way. Audio clips of Lennon and members of the crew describing the trip are included. The app also includes glimpses of places Lennon visited during his stay in Bermuda.

The more promising section of the app, called “Listen,” includes Lennon’s recordings of the songs he composed in Bermuda. During the trip, Lennon played these recordings over the phone to Yoko Ono, who had remained in New York. She composed responses, and played them to Lennon. Those songs became the basis of “Double Fantasy,” which the couple described as “a heart play,” as well as a proposed follow-up, which Ms. Ono completed after Lennon’s death, “Milk and Honey.”

You will be able to download the app on November 5th at LennonBermudaTapes.com

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