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See the winning design in the Bon Iver tattoo contest

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon asked fans to submit tattoo designs based on his favorite tv show Northern Exposure. The winner was Italian illustrator Giulio Rosso who contributed the heavily Alphonse Mucha influenced design pictured above. The guidelines from Justin were as follows:

“I named my band after an episode of Northern Exposure. In the episode a women transforms a gold rush village into a cultural place with one single dance in a tavern. They name the town after her, Cicely, Alaska.

The art direction in the episode is unmistakably Mucha and I want to get a very large tattoo of this on my left arm.

I’ll include some images of the actual episode, of Cicely herself, and of some of the Mucha pieces I want the shape and style to be like. A tall rectangular, stained glass, bold lines shadow box!

Please, help!

My favorite, hopefully what your illustrations will be based on, is the image I uploaded of Cicely with arms outstretched in mid-dance. You can’t see her with the flowing scarf in her hands, but that would be cool if we could involve that.”