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Video: How record covers are made in 7 steps

Maybe it’s growing up on Mr. Rodgers, but there’s something about seeing cool things made in a factory that I always enjoy. KCET sat down with the owners of Dorado Music Packaging in Los Angeles to see what they do.

We circled a conference table strewn with album jackets of different styles and material and I realized how much I had taken the physical album cover for granted. When people think about “album cover art,” they’re usually focused on the image on the cover: the photograph, the illustration, etc. But the cover/jacket itself – as a physical object – is also a product of creative, artistic processes.

For example, even on the most “ordinary” cover, the cardboard that goes into the construction begins as a single, flat piece to be cut, scored, folded and glued in such a way to create a unitary “jacket” to protect the vinyl record. Moreover, is the cover image physically printed onto the cardboard (aka “direct-to-board”)? Or was it printed on paper and then glued-on (aka “tip-on”)?

Read more from KCET here and see a video of the process below: