Before Poster Boy: Subway Art From 1983 - The Strut

Before Poster Boy: Subway Art From 1983

As a follow up to our previous post, check out this 1983 subway poster edit by John Fekner. Many years before Poster Boy was editing the posters of NYC, John Fekner created this piece titled “Doomsday” at the 23rd Street Queens station.  Fekner on the mood of that era :

“Politically, 1983 didn’t feel good at all. Things were pretty rotten and nasty all around … AIDS, heroin, others drugs,” he explains. “I was doing collaborative works at the time with David Wojnarowicz in painting, audio and found object work. I would walk down 2nd street in the East Village and one day you were at a birthday loft jam party for Lee [Quiñones] and the next day you noticed the block was filled with drug dens.”

via Hyperallergic

Your 1983 Music Pairing:

Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant

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