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Indie-Rock’s All-Star Basketball Team

In honor of this weekend’s NBA All-Star game, we drafted a starting five for Indie-Rock. Check out our selections, and let us know who you would pick for you team:


Power Forward – Justin Vernon – Bon Iver
Whether he is playing with Kanye or visiting the Milwauke Bucks, Justin Vernon makes no secret of his love for the game. We can even be assured that he is staying in top shape after he starred in a fitness video this year.


Small Forward – Patrick Carney – The Black Keys
While we don’t know if Patrick Carney of The Black Keys has ever touched a basketball, we do know that he is tall. I’d expect him to be a skinny shot blocking presence like former NBA player Shawn Bradley.


Center – Damian Abraham – Fucked Up
One look at Damian Abraham on stage and you know he’s not afraid to get banged up. We dare you to bring the ball into the paint while he is standing there staring you down.


Point Guard – Alexis Krauss – Sleigh Bells
Who better than Alexis Krauss to get her team fired up and lead them into battle. Also, if you’ve ever seen Sleigh Bells perform live, you know the girl has hops.


Shooting Guard – Win Butler – Arcade Fire
Win Butler loves basketball so much he’s even been accused of stealing a basketball. All allegations aside he is indie rock’s most accomplished baller. He even played with NBA player Matt Bonner in an exhibition game last year. He’s also a fan of the game. When I saw Arcade Fire play Madison Square Garden in 2010, Win took a moment to point to where I was standing in front of the stage and say he loved that spot because it was where Hakeem Olajuwon blocked John Starks in the 1994 NBA finals.

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