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Photos: Music Legend’s Deathplaces

 Photographer Cary Gough went on a mission to visit the deathplace of many famous musicians, such as the apartment where Jim Morrison died in 1971(pictured above).
She said in a wired article “I’m trying to photograph how odd it is to be sharing the same space in which these talents, [so widely] admired, were extinguished,it is an odd experience.” See more famous locations after the jump:

 Jimi Hendrix – Sept 18th, 1970 – London


 Serge Gainsbourg – March 2nd, 1991 – Paris


 Freddie Mercury – November 24th, 1991 – at home in London


 Ian Curtis – May 18th, 1980 – Macclesfield, England


 Brian Jones – July 3rd, 1969 – Hartfield, Sussex


 Harry Nilsson’s apartment in London where both Keith Moon (July 24, 1978) and Cass Elliot (July 29, 1974) died.

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