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Video: Jack White creates a ‘Triple Decker Poster’

Jack White and the folks at Third Man Records are always looking for ways to do things a little different. Their latest endeavor is to create the Triple Decker Poster for Jack’s upcoming shows at The Ryman in Nashville.

From Third Man:
THE BLACK POSTER which features a peacock and vulture egg is letterpressed with metallic silver and blue. Jack’s logo is laser cut out on the lower right.

THE WHITE POSTER is entirely laser cut, no ink has touched the page. It has a peacock cut out of it as well as Jack White’s actual signature/autograph. The logo, is also cut out of the lower right.

THE BLUE POSTER is entirely laser cut as well. It has a vulture cut out of it and Jack’s logo in the lower right.

When all three posters are put together it creates Jack’s profile and the logo in the lower right is in three colors (one color from each poster).

Watch their creation in the video below:

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