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Andrew Bird is made of felt in the video for ‘Eyeoneye’

Check out Andrew Bird’s video for his single Eyeoneye . The track is off Andrew’s latest album Break It Yourself. The video debuted on etsy and here’s what they had to say about its creation:

When director Yu “Ewan” Morita first read the lyrics to Andrew Bird’s “Eyeoneye,” he was immediately reminded of the magic that occurs inside the human body. Using the concept of antithesis, Ewan decided to play with textural contrast for the video, using soft, fuzzy felt pieces to construct internal organs. Working together, he and Andrew also incorporated the space outside the body, drawing inspiration from lyrics like “wear it inside out” and “wring it out.” The final concept expanded to include additional contrasting themes: day and night; black and white; micro and macro.

Watch below:

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