That time 2 girls threatened to jump off a New York City building unless they met The Beatles - The Strut

That time 2 girls threatened to jump off a New York City building unless they met The Beatles

On this very day in 1966, 17 year-old Carol Hopkins and 15 year-old Susan Richmond of Staten Island climbed onto the roof of the Americana Hotel and threatened to jump “unless we get to see The Beatles.” The Beatles were in NYC to perform at Shea Stadium for the second time and were staying in the Warwick Hotel on 54th street. The girls had tried to go to their hotel to deliver a letter to Paul but were unsuccessful so they went farther down 54th street and up to the 21st floor of the Americana. From a news clipping the next day:

Police tried for 30 minutes to talk the girls into leaving the ledge, where they sat with their legs dangling over 54th Street. One of the policemen finally got on his knees and begged. One of the teen-age girls with tears in her eyes, crawled under the railing and onto the roof. The girl said something to her friend then helped her from the ledge.

As you can see in the grainy photo above, the police then grabbed the girls to bring them to safety. The Beatles were asked about the incident at a press conference later that day:

Q: I have a question for Paul. I don’t know if you know about it yet, but two young ladies threatened to jump to their death from the 22nd floor of the hotel here in Manhattan if they could see you. How do you feel about young girls acting this way?

McCartney: If they could see me?

Q: They wanted to see you – If you would come over they wouldn’t jump. The police finally rescued them. They threatened to jump unless you came over.

McCartney: Good God, you know. Phew! I don’t understand it. I don’t know. Erm, silly, that. I’ll see ’em, you know.

Between stories like this, and fan’s attempts to mail themselves to The Beatles, Beliebers have nothing on Beatlemaniacs.