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Behind The Photo: George Harrison and Pattie Boyd

Behind The Photo is a series on The Strut where we give context to famous music photos that we see circulating on the internet.

This 1968 photo of Pattie Boyd and George Harrison captures the couple at their home called Kinfauns outside of London (here on a map) two years into their marriage. The photo was taken by Pattie Boyd herself. The Morrison Hotel Gallery quotes her note: “Camera set on tripod to capture the first bloom of roses in our garden.”

The photo appears to have been taken in front of the trellis near their pool. On the far right of the below photos you can see the white trellis at various states of rose growth (photos via Callmeredtelephone):

The Morrison Hotel Gallery’s Gerry Baum has this to say about the picture:

I love this, simple, telling photograph, taken by Pattie Boyd. Her intense expression and George’s passive stance seem to tell the story of their relationship and who they were as people. I know the story is George was “bored” waiting for the camera… but I think she really captured a great moment. The red roses in full bloom and the blue of her top play so well together.

Sadly their love story would come to an end a few years later when the couple separated. Pattie would later be married to Eric Clapton for 10 years.

Prints of this photo are available for purchase here.

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