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What kind of music does Denzel Washington listen to?

Daniel Kellison of Grantland did an excellent interview with Denzel Washington. Some music tidbits include Denzel’s thoughts on Marvin Gaye’s album What’s Going On:

Daniel: Any music or a record album that changed your life?

Denzel: Oh, wow. Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. I just loved it.

Daniel: How did it change you?

Denzel: I mean, it didn’t change my life, but I just remember it, when it came out and Marvin had that cool Nehru jacket on, and it was raining, and he had that [collar] thing up.

On taking his son to a Jay-Z show (really wish I had a ‘Claudine’ in my life):

My youngest son, Malcolm, he was like, “Dad, Jay-Z is doing seven shows across the country in one night. You gotta get tickets. He plays L.A. at like ten o’clock.” So I’m like [dialing sounds] “Claudine, give me some Ts.” “Yeah, yeah, they’ll be here, just come backstage, you’ll do the whole thing.” And Malcolm was like [shocked face]. And I’m like, “Say hello, Malcolm.” But it was so interesting, just the power of these young artists, because he got onstage, and all he had to do was start the song, and they all would take over — and do every line — and Malcolm was like right there with him like [pretend singing/rapping]. And I’m standing there, because we’re in the wings, standing behind my son, and I’m watching all these people with their fists. And Jay’s like, “Hovaaaaa!!!” and my son’s like, “Hovaaaaa!” And I said, “Wow, he’s got ’em.” All he had to do was the first couple of notes of the song, and he’d say a line, and he’d [making the motion of putting the mic out] and they’d do it,” and I said, “That’s power.”

On hanging with Michael Jackson:

Denzel: Michael had fried chicken at my house.

Daniel: What was that like?

Denzel: That was cool.

Daniel: So you invited him to your house?

Denzel: He came over, I forget why, I think my wife had invited him, and he came over, and I was like, “He can eat!” He was going to town, man.

And what he’s currently listening to:

Denzel: I’m listening, I got in the car right now, I’m listening to Zap Mama. You heard of Zap Mama?

Daniel: I don’t know Zap Mama.

Denzel: Oh, well, check ’em out.

I’ve never heard of Zap Mama either, but I like to picture Denzel blasting this while he got hyped up for Training Day:
Read the rest of the interview at Grantland

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