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An exhibit of Bob Dylan’s paintings opens in New York

A series of Bob Dylan paintings titled Revisionist Art: Thirty Works by Bob Dylan opened at New York’s Gagosian Gallry this week. From Rolling Stone:

the exhibit showcases silkscreened covers of magazines like TV Guide, Life, Architectural Digest and Rolling Stone that Dylan has radically transformed by incorporating new graphics and cover lines.

The works mash up several eras of American history and vary wildly in tone. For example, a Life magazine cover dated August 23rd, 1996, features an early-Sixties photograph of Frank Sinatra and Joey Bishop with a cover line that reads, “Gore to Challenge Giuliani.” Another dated February 1st, 1964, recreates the infamous Lee Harvey Oswald Life cover with the headline, “The Secret Life of Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.” (The original cover line was, “Lee Oswald with the weapons he used to kill President Kennedy and Officer Tippit.”) The other differences between the real cover and Dylan’s new work are relatively subtle.

You can see more of Bob’s works like the one below through January 12th

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