DMX singing ‘Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ is exactly as amazing as you would expect

DMX delighted Power 105.1 and now the entire internet with his rendition of the Holiday classic Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer. He even ends the song with his trademark WHAT. Watch below:

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  • Alaia Williams

    That was awesome.

  • Guest

    Amazing yo – he killed it!

  • Andy G

    Shouldn’t he be in jail?

  • Keith

    Come on!

  • Stephanie Karten

    He killed it actually! Amazing

  • Rob Brambley

    Soo good.


    Guide my sleigh tonight, not ride jeez.

    • Marcus Sun

      You have no idea how lame you look for pointing that out

    • MightyT

      Wow, you must really be a joy to be around.

    • Roc

      I believe ‘hater’ is the most overused word in the black community, but this guy is the true definition of the word.

    • Chaka ♥


  • SuperHyugaYoshichan

    AWESOME! If this doesn’t lift my spirits, I dunno what will!

  • Max Denby

    Okay, he killed that.

  • Marcus Sun

    that shit was fly!

  • Jim Hyung Lee

    roll my sleigh tonight…

  • Honda-kun Hall

    ‘You’ll go down in history. Forever.

    You’ll go down in history. Forever.

    You’ll go down in history. WHAT!”

  • KCR

    where can i download this!?!?!

  • Melissa Smith


  • Ivie McCorkle

    Go head on DMX. All you were missing was the B-A-R-K!!!!