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Match the Guitarist to their famous guitar

Check out this graphic by CBC Music that challenges you to match the famous guitar with the artist responsible for wielding it. Answers after the jump:

1-M: Eric Clapton’s Stratocaster, named after its black finish, was his main guitar from 1970 to 1985. In 2004, it sold at auction for just under $1 million.

2-C: A 1949 bar fight caused a fire that killed two people. B.B. King raced back into the burning building to rescue his guitar. The next day, he found out the fight was over a woman named Lucille, and he’s named every guitar he’s owned since after her.

3-G: No off-the-rack guitar gave Eddie Van Halen the sound he wanted, so in 1975 he created the Frankenstein, or “Frankenstrat,” out of some factory seconds and old guitar parts. The paint job and shreddy sound became iconic.

4-E: Stevie Ray Vaughan named a number of his guitars, but this one was given to him by his wife, Lenore, who shares her name with the guitar and the SRV instrumental, “Lenny.”

5-L: After suffering a groin injury while straddling a Gibson L5, Bo Diddley designed this rectangular guitar to facilitate his stage antics.

6-N: When Queen’s Brian May was 16, he and his father built this guitar out of their 100-year-old oak fireplace mantel. It earned the name Red Special after its distinctive finish.

7-B: Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath’s mid-’70s custom SG has a distinctive distressed look because it was finished too quickly and later left in a hot car.

8-K: Late bluesman Albert King’s signature Flying V, Lucy, is now owned by (who else?) martial arts movie star, Steven Seagal.

9-H: Willie Nelson explains the name he gave to his Martin N-20: “Roy Rogers had a horse named Trigger. I figured, ‘This is my horse!’”

10-I: Neil Young acquired Old Black in a trade back in 1969. The bruised and battered guitar has been Young’s signature electric ever since.

11-O: Keith Richards got his signature Telecaster in 1971 and named it after a character from Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield.

12-A: Bootsy Collins had this star-shaped bass custom built at a music shop in Michigan. It’s fair to say he came up with the nickname before it was even built.

13-P: James Hetfield of Metallica’s Gibson Explorer sports a sticker that reads “More Beer,” which may confuse the roadies when he asks for it onstage.

14-F: Prince has an array of curvy Cloud guitars made by a local Minneapolis luthier, but the Yellow Cloud is on display in the Smithsonian.

15-D: Hamer made this guitar in Rick Nielsen’s likeness after a guitar design contest was held and many of the entries resembled the Cheap Trick guitarist.

16-J: Zakk Wylde’s iconic bulls-eye guitar, known as “The Grail,” has been featured in the Rock Band video game series.

via CBC Music

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