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Watch what $25,000 worth of R. Kelly gets you

R Kelly Ziggy'sR. Kelly appeared at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem, NC last night for a booking fee of $25,000. Fans paid $35-$55 for a ticket and VIP bottle service was $2,000. This bought only 15 seconds of R. Kelly singing a line from Bump ‘N Grind, much to the dismay of everyone in attendance. This broke R. Kelly’s own record 75 second concert from last year. From Winston-Salem Journal:

Kelly went on stage late, smoking a cigar and drinking alcohol, and sang 15 seconds of his 1994 hit song “Bump ‘N Grind” with the audience accompanying him.
“After making a couple quick comments to the crowd, Kelly sat down — for the duration of the ‘show,’” Nate Saunders, who said he had paid $500 for a VIP table for himself and three friends, wrote in an email. “He didn’t sing one song or even address the crowd again. The crowd was just kind of staring at each other confused.”
Charles Womack, the co-owner of Ziggy’s, described the show as “a very unfortunate incident.”
“This was an experience that definitely fell short,” he said, noting that it was an appearance, not a concert.

As the above quote notes this was only an ‘appearance’ and not an official concert, but clearly the fans expected a bit more than what they got. Possibly the worst part of the whole thing was that for a few seconds after he sang they teased one of the greatest jams of all time Ignition (Remix). You can save a lot of money and just watch the performance below:

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