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Beck reimagines David Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’

soundandvisionBeck is remaking David Bowie’s 1977 classic Sound and Vision using a 157 piece orchestra. He recorded it last night on an LA soundstage. From Rolling Stone:

Hanging above the stage was a plastic human-like head with ears for eyes, containing multi-directional microphones, while a camera dolly slowly circled the stage, capturing the scene with 360-degree cameras.

“It was an experiment and an opportunity to try something completely irrational,” Beck told Rolling Stone. “I attempted to conjure some scenario that could only exist in this kind of space for a one-time performance. It’s doing something you could never do on a tour. I was thinking a lot about Busby Berkeley films and multiples of musicians and dancers.”

The performance will appear in a few days on an interactive site at Check out a few videos of the rehearsals and process:

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