Video: The Third Man Record Booth - The Strut

Video: The Third Man Record Booth

recordboothIn case you haven’t seen this yet, check out the record booth by Jack White’s Third Man Records. According to a post today, it will not just be available for Record Store Day, but will be a permanent installation at the Nashville store. The latest from Third Man:

Some of you noticed in the video that the sign reads “you have 65 seconds to record”. That was true for a 6″ record at 78 speed, the original speed for the booth in 1947. Our brilliant Third Man family engineers (Josh Smith, Kevin Carrico, and George Ingram) have modified the motors to run at 45 speed, expanding the recording time from 65 seconds to 111 seconds, making it much easier to play on modern turntables that might not have a 78 speed option, with little loss in fidelity. Instruments will be available next to the booth to use for free and we are currently looking into ways for different machines in the novelties lounge to not play music at the same time, but for now people will just have to be polite while someone’s recording in the booth and not blast a Scopitone video simultaneously.

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