Listen to a mixtape of Rick Rubin’s best songs - The Strut

Listen to a mixtape of Rick Rubin’s best songs

kingofrockCheck out this mixtape King Of Rock that highlights some of Rick Rubin’s extensive catalog of productions. From creator trackstarthedj:

When Rubin showed up in Jay-Z’s series of Samsung commercials, social media was abuzz wondering who the old white guy was and, to our surprise, a lot of people didn’t have the slightest clue who the legendary figure was.

Not only was he hanging out on the couch during Jay’s TV spots, Rubin also showed up in the 25th hour to executive produce on Kanye’s Yeezus. So that’s two of the largest names in rap calling on one bearded old guy to have a hand in their work. Yet, so many people remained unaware of him?

Listen below:

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