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Video: The worst part about working at a music store

musicstoreI just came across music store employee Avery Ellis‘ YouTube channel where he documents some of the patrons showcasing their ‘skills’ in the store. Watch below:

  • Felix Jr Morilla Pulmano

    Hahahah the last one

  • howardfein

    What? . . .What?. . . That’s some of the hot new talent out there.

  • JohnnyMack

    Absolutely classic dude!! Don’t miss that shit whatsoever!!!

  • John Bakewell

    Don’t you just love it……however when you introduce the new self locking 20mins, sound and “airproof” practice rooms……problem solved

  • Michael Collins

    I worked in music retail for YEARS…this is SPOT freakin ON!

  • Bl ah

    I guess everyone is supposed to play perfectly from day one? or are they only supposed to try the instruments if they play perfectly already? or maybe everyone that doesn’t play like eddie van halen should just stop buying instruments all together. But then I’m asking the wrong person. If the guy mocking these people had any talent he wouldn’t be working in a music store.

    • Dave

      I was thinking the same thing. I think he’s making fun of people who show off at music stores, and people who try too hard to be cool. Not people who are particularly bad at their instrument.