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James Murphy built a 50,000 Watt soundsystem

jamesmurphyheadphonesWhat happens when the frontman of LCD Soundsystem builds his own soundsystem? James Murphy along with Soulwax and 2manyDJs (David and Stephen Deaele) did just that for a three-night residency in Manchester. From The Verge:

A huge 50,000-watt rig has been designed by the trio down to the very last detail, consisting of eight enormous 11-foot speaker stacks, positioned in a circle pointing at the audience in the center. It’s been tuned for optimum sound quality, not maximum loudness. “The system is like a dinosaur, if dinosaurs had survived and evolved along with modern creatures,” James says.

Here’s a photo of the trio part of the setup:


Read more at The Verge

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