Jack White banishes his kids from hanging out with Dan Auerbach’s kid

jackwhitedanauerbachJack White is currently going through some messy legal issues with his ex-wife Karen Elson. I’m not too interested in that situation, but I am interested in the email that was released where he freaks out about Black Key’s frontman Dan Auerbach. The dispute was over his children going to the same class as Auerbach’s kid (his 4 year-old daughter). From the email:



my concern with auerbach is because i dont want the kids involved in any of that crap. you aren’t thining ahead. that’s a possible twelve fucking years i’mg going to be sitting in kids chairs next to that asshole with other people trying to lump us in together. he gets another freee reign to follow me around and copy me and push himself into my world.

Yikes! Sounds to me like all the makings of a music themed Romeo & Juliet.