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Cardiologists discover listening to music improves heart health

A new study was presented at European Society of Cardiology’s annual meeting in Amsterdam with the discovery that heart improving hormones are released when you listen to your favorite music. From Telegraph:

At the end of the trial, the patients who had listened to music as well as exercising had boosted crucial measures of heart function significantly, and improved their exercise capacity by 39 per cent.

The group which only took aerobic exercise improved their capacity by 29 per cent. Even those who took no exercise and only listened to their favourite music for half an hour a day improved their exercise function by 19 per cent, the study of 74 patients found.
The measures of improved heart function included improved endothelial function, which is necessary to maintain the body’s vascular response.

So you should probably check out The Strut every day…science says it’s good for you!

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