Jay Z rides the London Tube to his show at O2 - The Strut

Jay Z rides the London Tube to his show at O2

Much like he did almost exactly a year ago in NYC for a show at Barclays Center, Jay Z took public transportation to his show at O2 in London. He was even joined by Chris Martin and Coldplay. From Telegraph UK:

Traveling with him from Waterloo station were Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, and Timbaland, his support act for his Magna Carta world tour. They were also both to join him on stage later that evening, to perform Ain’t No Love (In The Heart of the City).
Fans tweeted their shock at the sighting, with Twitter and Instagram exploding with excitement. Fan Jamie Robb, who revealed that Jay-Z also had an entourage of around 10 people in tow, tweeted saying, “What a riot… Just met Jay-Z on the Tube in London.”

Here’s a short video of him leaving the station:

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