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Make your own Radiohead bearsuit for Halloween

Radiohead superfan Corinna Anni Roc has constructed an entire suit based of Radiohead’s bear logo. She says:

Thought it would be a great idea in 2003 to dress up as the Radiohead Bear for Halloween.
It also served a purpose to distract me from some really bad and sad times.
Alas, it took another 5 years to create the complete suit.
Due to school, work, and life, I worked on it piece by piece every odd year:2003,2005,2007.
The idea is to be as 2 dimentional as possible, hence the flatness of the head, just like the logo.

Now it’s an outfit I wear on Radiohead shows and I still have plans for it.
Recreated the body in 2008 so I can wear it in warm and hot times.
It’s always a work in progress with constant maintenance.

She posted picture instructions on how she made the suit on Instructables, but be warned you are going to have to work to get a suit this good. See more of the suit below:







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