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Who are the most pirated musicians in the world?

Music Week got a hold of a study by anti-piracy company MUSO that discovered The Beatles top the list of most pirated musicians in the world. From Music Week:

The Fab Four’s material was found to be uploaded via a whopping 187,687 online files through a mixture of cyberlocker, torrents and illegal streaming sites. Estimating an average of 1000 downloads per file, MUSO said this equates to nearly 190 million downloads per annum.

Here’s the rest of the top ten which is made up primarily of artists who saw their peak in the 1960’s. Did parents around the world learn how to use bittorrentc?

1. The Beatles – 187687 uploaded files
2. Fleetwood Mac – 72984 uploaded files
3. Bob Marley – 60024 uploaded files
4. Led Zeppelin – 59011 uploaded files
5. Cliff Richard – 56576 uploaded files
6. Stevie Wonder – 45496 uploaded files
7. Jimi Hendrix – 44093 uploaded files
8. Elvis – 40794 uploaded files
9. ABBA – 35193 uploaded files
10. The Rolling Stones – 34444 uploaded files

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