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Giorgio Moroder on recording in Daft Punk’s studio

73-year-old producing legend Giorgio Moroder spoke to FACT Magazine about how he recorded the Giorgio By Moroder track with Daft Punk. From FactMag:

“They asked me if I could come to their studio and tell my story,” says Giorgio in his infectious Italian burr. “I went and told my story for about two or three hours, and Thomas [Bangalter] was very patient, saying: ‘More details here’ — and so on. I told everything, I confessed my whole life! I wasn’t sitting on a psychiatrist’s couch, but I may as well have been!”

Giorgio says he didn’t know what Daft Punk were going to do with his spoken word tale, but thought that they’d probably chop up his voice in some way. This wasn’t really the case. “I heard the song for the first time in April of this year — two or three weeks before the album came out,” he says. “And I was really, really emotional. Not only does it tell the story of my life, but the story musically — they did a very good job.

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