Listen to Arcade Fire’s full score for ‘Her’ - The Strut

Listen to Arcade Fire’s full score for ‘Her’

You can now listen to Arcade Fire’s Oscar nominated score for Spike Jonze’s Oscar nominated film Her. It’s beautiful. Oscars for everyone. Listen below:

1. Sleepwalker
2. Milk & Honey
3. Loneliness #3 (Night Talking)
4. Divorce Papers
5. Morning Talk/Supersymmetry
6. Some Other Place
7. Song On The Beach
8. Loneliness #4 (Other People’s Letters)
9. Owl
10. Photograph
11. Milk & Honey (Alan Watts & 641)
12. We’re All Leaving
13. Dimensions

Spike Jonze’s Her (OST) from Kinceyk on 8tracks Radio.

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