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Daft Punk is actually trying to play shows this summer

Daft Punk tried to book a show at Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming but were turned down. From Wyoming’s Casper Star-Tribune:

The National Park Service said Tuesday that it has rejected a proposal by Daft Punk, an electronic music group renowned for elaborate live concerts, to host a show on private land adjacent to Devils Tower National Monument.

Reed Robinson, superintendent for Devils Tower National Monument, said an agency representing the group, ICM Partners, approached the park in the fall and the park officially denied the request on Jan. 31.

Just news that Daft Punk even attempted to book a show is massive. But also there is this:

Robinson said the request was highly unusual for the National Park Service. He said Daft Punk’s agency appeared to be scouting locations across the world for a concert or multiple concerts to be held around the summer.

He said the group’s agency was particularly interested in using lasers to light up the park’s 1,300-foot rock column at night.

Feel free to come to New York!

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