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That time a girl tried to mail herself to The Beatles

You think Bieber fans are bad? On this day 48 years ago Carol Dryden tried to mail herself to The Beatles. We don’t have much to go on besides this news clipping from the Toledo Blade the next day. Accounts of her age range from 12 to 21. I found this snippet from The Guardian a few years back:

Its columnist John Wearmouth is looking for Carol Dryden, a local girl who was 12 at the height of Beatlemania and posted herself to the group in a tea chest, snugly lined with blankets and equipped with a flask for the trip. Postal problems were not unknown then, as now, and she unfortunately ended up in a depot at Crewe where her taps – the flask being empty and the blankets manky – got her let out. Where is she now, asks John Wearmouth, an appeal which the Northerner happily amplifies. If she still has her tea chest, the Beatles museum in Liverpool will surely feature it in the coming European Capital of Culture festivities.

Hopefully Carol is now a kooky old lady who chuckles when her grandkids tell her she doesn’t understand their love for Cody Simpson.

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