Pictogram Rock Musician Posters by Victor Herz - The Strut

Pictogram Rock Musician Posters by Victor Herz

Graphic designer Victor Hertz first made it on our radar after he created pictograms for famous rock songs. He has now expanded the idea into posters full of pictograms for a specific artist or band. He describes the project here:

This is my most ambitious, and maybe also the best, personal work I’ve done so far. I decided to pick a few bands and artists from the rock genre and make pictogram posters for them. Instead of just putting one single pictogram in each poster, like in my previous ‘Pictogram music posters’, I made as many as I could possibly come up with for each artist, and jammed them into one single poster. There is a total of 234 song pictograms in these posters.

See the rest below:

See even more here, and you can purchase the posters at this link

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