Video: Snoop Lion performs Reggae classic ‘California Gurls’ - The Strut

Video: Snoop Lion performs Reggae classic ‘California Gurls’

As you probably heard the man formerly known as Snoop Dogg recently announced his complete transformation into reggae artist Snoop Lion. A transformation so true that when creating his new album he said:

“I told Diplo I didn’t want to rap in none of these songs. “A lot of them had that good rhythm where it would have been righteous to drop a Snoop rap in there,… But, I’m like, ‘Nah, I want to stay true to what we’re doing.”

He also said he was going to “bury Snoop Dogg”, but he appears not to have buried him too deep, at least in his live show. Here’s Snoop Lion wearing a t-shirt of his face and a rasta hat while performing Bob Marley’s favorite song California Gurls, as well as some Snoop Dogg classics in Montreal this week. Lion or Dogg, it still looks like a good time to me.

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