Video: Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce - The Strut

Video: Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

Tom Waits has just released his much teased new video for Hell Broke Luce. From Tom:

“As most of you guessed, it’s a tour…a tour de force!
“Matt Mahurin has created an apocalyptic war dream to accompany the song HELL BROKE LUCE. Kathleen and I envisioned it as an enlightened drill sergeant yelling the hard truths of war to a brand new batch of recruits. The video grew from the gnawing image of a soldier pulling his home, through a battlefield, at the end of a rope.
“I think you will agree, it’s uplifting and fun.”
“Hell Broke Luce,” featuring Marc Ribot and Keith Richards on guitar, with Flea on bass and Casey Waits on drums, is from Waits’ most recent release, BAD AS ME.

Watch below:

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