See a google map of all of The Beatles’ tour locations - The Strut

See a google map of all of The Beatles’ tour locations

The Beatles Live! Project in conjunction with Apple Records is attempting to put together a documentary on The Beatles’ live concerts from 1963-1966.

Production company OVOW Productions Inc. has assembled a global team of archivists, collectors, information specialists, artists, social media strategists, amateur media groups, Beatles fan clubs, writers, academics, and film restoration experts to support the activities in the field. The research will be active through December of 2012.

The Footage Exploration Challenge
Were you there? Were your parents there? Your grandparents? Now, fans from all over the world can become a true part of Beatles history by contributing their original footage, photos, or audio recordings of The Beatles in concert.

Watch the video below, check out a google map they put together of The Beatles tour locations and see more at

View Beatles Concert Tours, 1963-1966 in a larger map

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