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Watch The Beatles’ ‘She Said So’, the world’s first music video

The world’s first music video, The Beatles I Feel Fine/She Said So had previously only been seen at Museum showings and Film Festivals, but now you can watch it right here. From artnet:

A chance meeting in a London nightclub in London in 1966 between artist and film maker Stephen Verona and the man of the hour John Lennon led to a friendship and artistic collaboration which resulted in this, the world’s first music video. John gave Stephen a new and soon to be hit record, which arrived on an unlabeled disc. It sounded like the title of the song was going to be ‘She Said So’ not the next line in the song, ‘I Feel Fine’ hence the title of the song became ‘She Said So’.
Verona set to work in New York drawing the pop-art cartoon images to fit the lyrics and flow of the music. Lennon flew to New York and the two got together to measure the progress. Stephen remembers the night that Lennon came over to his apartment and the two wiled away the hours by sitting in the kitchen table, smoking and coloring in the images with markers – the Music Video was born.

Watch below:
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