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Billy Joel hasn’t heard of Arcade Fire

Legendary Piano Man Billy Joel spoke recently about his lack of interest in making pop music to Telegraph UK:

Just because I can put out albums and the record company would release them and people would buy them, that don’t mean I should,” he says.
When I ask him what he has listened to lately, he says Edward Elgar and Benjamin Britten. He doesn’t know who Arcade Fire are.

Statements like this are interesting to me because I always wonder how far reaching a band like Arcade Fire really is. Does Billy Joel know who Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are? You would think Arcade Fire winning the Grammy for best album last year would have gotten the attention of someone like Billy. I now leave it up to Arcade Fire to do an incredible cover of Movin’ Out and get on his radar.

We didn’t start the Arcade Fire.

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