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R. Kelly impersonator deceives fans in Louisiana

This weekend in Monroe, Louisiana excited fans bought tickets (sold through Ticketmaster) to see R. Kelly perform at Ced’s All Black Affair at the Monroe Civic Center Arena (see badly Photoshopped event advertisement below).


There had been skepticism on the event’s Facebook page that Kels would be actually performing but promoter Ced aka Cedric Johnson repeatedly assured the fans that he would perform: “YESSSSSS HE IS ACTUALLY PERFORMING!!!! SORRY ABOUT ALL THE RUMORS AND MESS THAT THE CITY HAS TO OFFER” He even went as far as to make an apparent fake recording from R. Kelly himself to reassure those concerned:

What transpired at the actual event was at 1am a man pretending to be R. Kelly came out on stage and lip-synched an R. Kelly song. From KNOE 8 News:

Judging by the video at least a few fans were initially fooled as they reached to record video of the performance. Fans who attended the vent are understandably demanding refunds and have taken to Facebook to vent their frustrations:


The promoter said that he will give a statement later today:

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