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Amazing never before seen photos of The Beatles

NYC photographer Henry Grossman has recently shared his collection of Beatles’ photos (like the above shot of George Harrison filming ‘Help’ in The Bahamas) from 1964 to 1968 that were never published. From Rock Paper Photo:

Henry Grossman maintained a long and fruitful relationship with the Beatles during the 1960s . For over four decades, the vast majority of his Beatles archive (which tops a staggering 6,000 photographs) has been hidden away, awaiting rediscovery. The collection is unprecedented in its scope and intimacy. Now, for the first time ever, these images — most of which have never been published — are finally being made available to fans and collectors for purchase as limited edition prints exclusively through Rock Paper Photo.

If you are lucky enough to live in the UK the photos are on display at Beak Street in London. See some of the pictures below:

Paul filming 'Help' in the Bahamas, 1965Paul filming ‘Help’ in the Bahamas, 1965

alpsThe boys filming ‘Help’ in the Australian Alps, 1965

johnatringoshouseJohn at Ringo’s house outside London, 1965

edsullivanOn the set of The Ed Sullivan show, 1965

johnpaulhelpJohn and Paul filming ‘Help’ in the Bahamas, 1965

lucyRecording Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds with George Martin at Abbey Road, 1967

georgecarGeorge in London, 1965

See more at Rock Photo Paper via Gothamist

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